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We know 9 out of 10 investors lose money in derivatives and trading, so we have blocked access to derivatives and do not incentivise you to trade.

Investing not Trading

Only funded trades @ 10 bps for stocks, Rs. 300 per trade for bonds and MFs.

Custodial accounts


Standard broking accounts

  • Proprietary (Swiftfolios) algorithmic orders
  • Call and trade order execution

Order Execution

  • Proprietary (Swiftfolios) algorithmic orders
  • Bulk order execution
  • Custodian trade reporting

CP Code trades

  • Factsheets
  • Capital gains statements
  • Family accounts

Client Reporting


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We help you do simple things with your money, we don’t over-promise, and therefore we will not under-deliver. Best of it, you will always find us easy to reach if you have any questions.
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